Antoine Alléno’s death: four months later, his father, chef Yannick Alléno, testifies about his “impossible mourning”

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Four months after the death of his son Antoine, hit by a driver in the middle of Paris, chef Yannick Alleno testified before our colleagues at TF1.

“I saw my son on the sidewalk. It was extremely painful,” chef Yannick Alléno told our colleagues at TF1 Tuesday September 20. Asked about the loss of his son Antoine Alléno, who died on May 8 at the age of 24 after being hit by a driver in front of his restaurant in Paris, the cook returned to his “impossible mourning”.

The chef returned above all to the tragic day of the death of his son Antoine, also a cook. “It is true that Antoine was hit by a very powerful car, very fast. At least he had no other choice, he died instantly. He could not get out of it,” Yannick Alléno said. The chef also explained that he could not pray over the body of his son because at the forensic institute, the young man’s family could only see him through a window.

The association “Antoine Alleno”

“Since May 8, Antoine’s death, I have already had the opportunity to speak to 40 people who, since the beginning of the year, have lost their son in the same conditions as mine. A monumental waste for our society, for our country,” said Yannick Alléno. In fact, the chef has created an association “Antoine Alléno”, to support the families of victims of violence under 25 years of age.

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Hit with extreme violence by a driver’s vehicle, young Antoine had lost his life on the spot. “Then I said to myself, if this car had an automatic locking system, like you can have on scooters, when you arrive in Paris… You are in an urban environment, your car cannot exceed 50 km/h… is that so? Is it feasible? I would like to ask the question and see if we can protect ourselves, ”questioned his father in particular.

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