At the age of 20, he bought a company so that his mother could find a job.

Maxence Laze, 20, is Christelle Laze’s employer. But he is also her son. In Laval, in Mayenne, the young man has indeed decided buy a business painting a year ago so he could work with his mother, says blue france, Wednesday, September 21. A house painter for twenty years, Christelle Laze couldn’t find a job after overcoming breast cancer.

“He got sick seven years ago. He wanted to resume a professional activity, but unfortunately nobody wanted to give him a chance,” confesses his son Maxence to our colleagues at TF1. Banks, on the other hand, don’t want to lend her money so she can take over a business herself. Faced with this impasse, the young man then chose to embark on theentrepreneurship buying the Euzenat paint company so that his mother could continue with her professional career.

“I was a bit reluctant at first, I didn’t want him, at 20, to end up with a loan on his kidneys. Bankruptcy at that age can mark his whole life. So I didn’t sleep very, very well in first grade.” admits Christelle Laze.But a year later, the company is doing well and has four employees and one trainee.And mother and son wanted to lengthen the process by hiring people abandoned by the world of work.

“We made a fight with her. Today we have Hélène, her handicap, which is not one, it is totally false, it is her age, we have Ingrid (…)

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