Audiences: “Marianne” ending rising on France 2, C8 stronger than France 3

On Wednesday night, France 2 was at the top of the ratings with the end of “Marianne”. The legal series with Marilou Berry fascinated an average of 3.20 million viewers, according to Médiamétrie, which represents 16.8% of the public aged four or older (4+). In the target of Women Responsible for Purchasing under 50 years of age (FRDA-50), the audience share reached 7.4%. Seven days ago, fiction had been viewed on average by 2.76 million people, for a market share of 13.8% (8.0% in FRDA-50).

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M6 leader in the commercial target

TF1 continues with two new episodes of season 5 of “Good Doctor”. On average, the US series attracted the interest of 2.43 million fans of Freddie Highmore, in the role of Shaun Murphy, or 13.0% of the public and 21.5% of the FRDA-50. Last Wednesday, the two episodes had won an average of 2.34 million serifists, or 11.8% of the public and 19.7% of the FRDA-50.

M6 is in third place with the third number of “Best Pastry Chef” season 11. Presented by Marie Portolano, the entertainment, co-produced by BBC Studios France and Kitchen Factory Production, was able to count this week on 2.06 million gourmets, representing 12.1% of the total audience and a market share of 25.2 % in the main commercial target, in which the channel is the leader. A week ago, the culinary program had whetted the appetite of 2.06 million foodies (11.7% 4+ and 24.0% FRDA-50).

The snub of “Mongeville” to France 3

C8 continues at a good level with the programming of two rebroadcast episodes of “Mongeville”. 1.48 million viewers saw the adventures of Francis Perrin, that is, 8.4% of the public and 1.6% of the FRDA-50.

France 3 is the fifth channel last night with the new documentary “Le monde de Jamy”. 1.04 million viewers learned to understand our brains with Jamy Gourmaud and Églantine Émeyé, which represents 5.5% of the public and 4.4% of the FRDA-50. As of June 22, 2022, 1.98 million people, or 10.8% of people age 4 and older (6.1% of FRDA-50), had followed the last unreleased episode.

What about other channels? On TMC, the program “Les reportages de Martin Weil”, on the theme “What do we do if everything collapses?”, attracted 789,000 onlookers, that is, 3.8% of the public and 5.1% of the FRDA-50. In Art, the film “Marguerite”, with Catherine Frot, moved 711,000 spectators, 3.8% of the public and 1.0% of the FRDA-50.

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“Marianne” premieres successfully on France 2. The series with Marilou Berry has gained more than 400,000 viewers in one week. The weeks follow each other and are similar for “Good Doctor”, which advances slightly this Wednesday night. The series with Freddie Highmore is again surpassed by M6’s “The Best Pastry Chef” in the main commercial target.

On the other channels, “Mongeville is still making fun of its old station. Historically broadcast on France 3, the series with Francis Perrin has largely taken over “Le monde de Jamy”, which divides its number of viewers by two compared with the last episode.

The audience of the channels of the TF1 group has been impacted since Friday, September 2, 2022 after Canal+ cut the signal of its channels in its offers and in the TNT Sat service.

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