Better conditions today: Workers pay for lunch breaks in Oregon

I’m a Corvallis-based writer and advocate for community policing.


To guide the absurdity of what will be identified and discussed from now on, we must analyze the very foundation of what is communicated; workers pay for their lunch hours in Oregon. This concept must be reduced to an elementary level to understand it from the base. A qualified worker who happens to be a resident of Oregon under the capitalist system in the United States retains particular rights related to the possibility of having a rest from the continuation of his work that has lasted for a sustained period of time at his place of employment. In Oregon, a state that contains more than 300,000 union members, or about 15% of the state’s 2 million employees, workers are legally limited to just two 10-minute paid breaks over the course of an eight-hour shift. While Oregon employees are allotted 2 short paid breaks, they are denied pay for the required daily 30-minute lunch break. So how is it possible to pay for an insulting pair of 10-minute breaks, but not pay for the natural act of maintaining personal energy and efficiency during a half-hour lunch break?

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