Camilla, queen consort: in her family, another mistress of the royal family made noise!

The affair of King Carlos III with Camila Parker Bowles, who became queen consort, quickly became known to all. Eternal rival of Diana knew how to show great patience in order to become her lover’s official. Before her, another woman in her family was the mistress of a member of the royal family. Alice Keppel, Camilla’s great-grandmother, was in fact the mistress of Edward VII, Prince of Wales before King Charles III, and Prince William. This is Charles’s great-great-grandfather. So history seems to be repeating itself.

The Prince of Wales, later to become Edward VII on the death of Queen Victoria, chose Alice Keppel, the grandmother of Camilla Parker Bowles, as his mistress. Alice Edmonston, known as Alice Keppel, is the great-grandmother of Camilla, the new queen consort, and was more than a love affair with Edward VII, according to the site. real stories. She was also the last of his known mistresses and continued to frequent the one nicknamed Bertie, even after he ascended the throne. Their relationship lasted more than a decade.

Alice Keppel’s name still makes noise years later

And as the king’s health began to fail as well as his mood, Alice Keppel was always by his side. Camilla’s ancestor was therefore Edward VII’s last love. Her name did not stop ringing until a few years ago, when The crown, the successful Netflix series, made mention of it. In season 4 episode 10, Camilla Shand, now queen consort, reminds King Charles III, who at the time was just the Prince of Wales, that history repeats itself, because like her great-grandmother Alice Keppel, she she is also the mistress of the Prince of Wales.

Alice Keppel’s beauty was unparalleled. She had been very successful with wealthy men older than her, before she met Edouard. Her husband, George Keppel, in financial difficulty, had decided to allow his wife to see as many men as she wanted.”as long as in the end he comes back to me“, we learn in the book royal affairs by Caroll Leslie. And it was in 1989, when she was 29 years old, that Alice Keppel met Edward, Prince of Wales, who was 56 years old. She immediately fell under his spell.

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