Customer is a victim of credit card fraud, Revolut refuses to refund

On May 13, the awakening was painful for Alexandra. The young woman, who lives in London, England, had the unpleasant surprise of discovering that her bank account had been emptied overnight. In total, no less than 15,000 euros flew away, she said into the microphone of RMC. Looking more closely at his statements, he realizes that 23 payments of the same amount were made in Brazil, where he had been on vacation two months earlier.

Alexandra then contacts her bank, revolution, to report this fraud. But, while article L133-18 of the monetary and financial code requires the establishment to reimburse its customers, the online neobank raises an objection of inadmissibility. “The card is here in London. I am here. And the bank It tells me there is no fraud. (…) What else do you need? 15,000 euros are years of savings”, the young woman plagiarizes on the radio waves.

Your bank even goes so far as to blame you. “The response from customer service when we insist a bit is: ‘No, there is no payment limit, you put one and when you return from a country like that, you must cancel your card and request another’. .’ Nobody suggested that to me. We are walking on our heads! Alejandra continues. However, the young woman has provided all the proofs of her good faith: photo of her bank card in her hands, certificate from the employer of she …

Finally, Revolut offered to refund half of the sum (…)

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