Cyril Hanouna puts a cape on Jean-Paul Rouve and surprises Léa Salamé and Christophe Dechavanne (VIDEO)

It is a highly anticipated meeting of this television season, which is a little late. This Saturday, September 24, Lea Salame will launch his new talk show, what a time!. she takes over from Laurent Ruquier who occupied the box of the second part of Saturday night for more than fifteen years. The France Inter morning paper was also invited by Cyril Hanouna with Christophe Dechavanne and the comedian Philippe Caveriviere, who will lead the program with him. Many of the show’s columnists noted that it might be difficult to find a balance between these two strong personalities, competing with questions on the subject.

Léa Salamé and Christophe Dechavanne try to defend Jean-Paul Rouve

the host of don’t touch my post fixed the names of the first guests of the showpraising his qualities. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Marco Mouly, yann moix, lorenzo ferrari, Cindy Bruna Where nicky doll will be present on set for the premiere of the show on Saturday. But the name of a guest made the C8 troublemaker flinch. After mentioning that he would see what a time! for each of them, he indicated that he would avoid Jean-Paul Rouve on the other hand. “I can’t blame him”dropped, surprising his guests. “Can’t blame him. I told him anyway. Hope to meet him soon”, he continued. An enmity that surprised the two guests of him. “We don’t say that”took over from Christophe Dechavanne. “Why can’t I blame him? It’s incredible. He’s doing a piece of work that is absolutely amazing.” beat Léa Salamé. “You have a right to love him. Everyone loves who they want. I can’t blame him. I say it anyway. I hope to meet you soonCyril Hanouna replied.

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The two men don’t like each other.

Cyril Hanouna and Jean-Paul Rouve never hid that they barely liked each other. The former Robin Hood had thus declared that the Cyril Hanouna show was the “zero degree of culture”. At the beginning of the week, the driver had criticized him, for his part, for his statements on energy sobriety, accusing him of demagoguery. Jeff Tuche [son personnage dans Les Tuche] he says nonsense, he doesn’t realize, how are they doing without heating? Jean-Paul Rouve, she is on the surface! Let me start doing it again the tuches and don’t make us c**r”, the entertainer got carried away. Then he wrote down the i’s in their relationship. “The last time you put a cartridge in my paris party [c’était en 2020, NDLR]so i called him, told him ‘you have a problem ?’, and he handed me a cartridge so I called him back ‘well listen, hopefully we’ll see each other soon’I haven’t seen him again, and I hope, because he’s going to be warm anyway when he comes across me, he won’t need to turn down the heat,” He concluded.

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