Cyril Hanouna separated from Emilie: what it really cost his ex-girlfriend to live because of him

Already three years since cyril hanouna separated from Emilie, the mother of his two children Bianca (11 years old) and Lino (10 years old). Since then, the two exes seem to be on good terms, especially for the sake and balance of their adorable little boys. If they now live separately, many years of love have passed. But the entertainer’s lifestyle don’t touch my post (C8) changed everything…

Ten years ago, in November 2012, Cyril Hanouna spoke about his daily life with the family during an interview with our colleagues from the magazine Audience. “My secret is to rest all weekend: I cut everything and enjoy my family“, the brunette had declared to the general public mood. At that time, he chained the projects and did not know where to turn. So much so that the beautiful Emilie had to stop him in his tracks.He gave me an ultimatum about the radio. She told me clearly, ‘I don’t want you to do morning shows anymore.’ It’s over ! You turn off the radio or I’ll give you a hard time’“, reported the star, amused. It must be said that living with a morning host is still very hard on a day-to-day basis.”It is very difficult for her. She wakes up at the same time as me. The whole family depends on this rhythm“, he had conceded.

Since then, Cyril Hanouna has stopped in the morning. He’s still in charge don’t touch my post, where his son Lino has also made some notable appearances in recent months. It is a pure joy for him to see his child flourish in the air, following in the footsteps of dad. Also, at home he never misses an opportunity to have fun with Bianca and Lino. “I’m kind of your friend. We don’t let go. We are always together, always on the phone and it is true that I am more of a friend than a father., but I think it works fine. They tell me more things, I have the impression that they manage to trust each other well.“, he had declared to AirZen Radio last April. A role that then pushes Emilie to compensate: “His mom is amazing.. She does both. She has the authority, but she is also very friendly with them and it is thanks to her, as she frames them well, that I can have even more fun with them (…). I think they are happyThey certainly are!

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