discover the watch in advance with this official video

Google does not want to leave much suspense at its conference on October 6. The Mountain View company advanced the design of its Pixel Watch.

Official Google Pixel Watch Design (8)
The Pixel Watch is revealed ahead of time // Source: Google

After years of waiting and procrastinating, the Google Pixel Clock is finally about to come out. As a reminder, this is one of the famous Arlésiennes à la Google, which the press has been buzzing about for years. The official presentation of this connected watch is a stone’s throw away as it will take place on October 6, 2022, at the same time as the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

But as if to spoil the party (it’s their right), Google has decided to tease, or even reveal the watch in advance. After a first video where we briefly see the product, here’s a full 51-second video (including the actual 30 seconds where we see the clock) that features it from every angle. Here it is below:

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What to remember from this video?

The most important piece of information in this video is undoubtedly the confirmation of the presence of Gorilla Glass. Good news for its durability.

The design of Google Pixel Watch 0-27 screenshot
You can see the mention Gorilla Glass clearly written on the case.

Google is also introducing seven different watch faces:

The video also allows you to see the watch he wears people other than Sundar Pichai to find out its format. The latter seems relatively compact, although marked by a certain thickness. The round format helps to accentuate the impression of compactness, while a square format with the same thickness would give more of a brick impression.

All colors are also presented, from the black case to the rose gold, passing through the yellow, beige, gray and black bracelets.

Why did Google choose to present its clock in advance? we don’t know. One can imagine, however, that the Silicon Valley giant would like to avoid disappointment or its product being overhyped, a bit like Carl Pei, who called for the hype around the Nothing phone (1) Calm down. You can also imagine that with the multiplicity of potential leaks approaching an official product announcement, Google wanted to stay in control.

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