Emmanuel Macron wants to accelerate renewable and nuclear energy at the same time

ENERGY INDEPENDENCE – The French president confirmed in particular “fifty offshore wind farms”

Needs electricity of France will increase “40% by 2050”. That is why Paris must go “twice as fast” in starting up projects renewable energy and accelerate at the same time nuclearEstimate immanuel macron this Thursday.

“We are going to massively increase our electricity needs” and France will need to speed up its renewable energy projects, the president said at the inauguration of France’s first offshore wind farm, off the coast of Saint Nazarius (Loire Atlantique). He confirmed the goal of installing “fifty offshore wind farms” as well as continuing with wind power on land, in particular thanks to the reduction in the time required to examine files that must remain “compatible” with the preservation of the biodiversity and consideration of contentious issues. appeal procedures.

“The diversification of the model”

Procedures in the nuclear sector will also have to be speeded up, said the Presidentwhich last February announced an order for six state-of-the-art reactors, called ERP. “I announced the first tranche in 2035 for nuclear. What I want is for us to go much faster,” he said. An audit published in February evokes(…) Read more in 20 minutes

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