Flowing ice cubes, lots of bubbles… No, these signs do not indicate if your drink has been drugged

Shared over 27,000 times, an August 28, 2022 tweet purports to give some real advice to “recognize if [son] the glass was drugged”. Several images claim that a “misty look”since “flowing ice cubes” or a “excessive amount of bubbles” these would be obvious signs that drugs have been introduced into your drink. “Share, it can help”he mentions.

Another post shared in October 2021 on Instagram also indicates a “Color change“To drink. The source of these two posts? A Facebook page called student beans, an English-speaking community that offers good plans for students, and therefore has no medical or scientific basis. “This advice is dangerous because it suggests that these signs are effective in detecting a drugged drink, which can mislead potential victims.Dr. Samira Djezzar, a doctor at the Fernand Widal hospital in Paris, told AFP.

Don’t share, it’s much better.

These signs have no scientific basis, and these too general recommendations can give a false sense of security, as several field action specialists point out. https://t.co/g93ZtES3Ib

– AFP Factual (@AfpFactual) September 14, 2022

“It is advisable to be very careful in the interpretation of these signs, alone or in combination, since they are not specific for the presence of drugs or substances.


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