Health insurance: how to choose it well?

PRACTICAL- Given the ups and downs of our day to day, health insurance is increasingly essential to obtain the best coverage of medical expenses. You still have to choose it well.

Health insurance, or complementary health insurance, is an insurance contract that allows insured persons to receive, in addition to reimbursements guaranteed by health insurance, a supplement to cover high health expenses. The list of interventions covered by Social Security as well as their reimbursement rate In recent years, the use of health insurance has become increasingly necessary in view of the explosion in healthcare costs.

Collective or individual contract?

It is not uncommon that in addition to your classic complementary individual health contract, your company has its own to cover part of the health expenses of its employees. The advantage of these contracts for employers is to pool health risks and obtain, for equivalent contributions, more attractive benefits.

The principle is simple: companies negotiate lower prices for all employees, the reimbursements of employees who have more frequent use of their supplement are offset by the savings of employees in good health. Knowing that it is common for the employer to cover up to 50 or 60% of their contributions, the company’s supplementary group health insurance is often a very advantageous solution for the most common health expenses. But check however that certain particular clauses relating to your own state of health do not however require the subscription of a more advantageous individual supplement. And don’t forget that company mutual insurance often only covers the employee, not his or her spouse.

Beware of false good ideas

If you have to choose to buy individual health insurance, beware of some false good ideas and reflections that can be unfortunate. First of all, you shouldn’t necessarily rush to the big top names in the world.[…]


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