How eBay plans to get a makeover

competed for Amazon, the good corner either vintagethe american platform eBay wants to return to the second-hand market. With its new slogan “Can we go back when we haven’t really left?”, the former e-commerce giant heralds the color. eBay still exists and still enjoys worldwide notoriety.

In order to seduce again, the company has decided to bet on “a more reasoned, more sustainable and responsible consumption”, betting on the “second hand”, the reconditioned and the sale of spare parts, while playing “to the extension of the life of objects. “. And to find a second wind, eBay also wants to raise awareness of the environmental crisis by raising awareness of its 10 million unique visitors per month. “We know that 80% of the carbon impact occurs during the production of an object” Aurélie Pruvost, head of sustainable development at eBay, told BFMTV on Friday, September 23.

“eBay is not responsible for this, but still wants to act on this figure in its own way. This implies limiting the use of new products, promoting second hand and repair”, continues Aurélie Pruvost. Therefore, the platform will not participate in Black Friday this year. “We don’t want to encourage overconsumption,” repeats Sarah Tayeb, sales manager. And for the end of the year celebrations, the brand will offer on its home page second-hand items for decoration such as (…)

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