How to stop having legs like poles?

Ankles that swell, especially at the end of the day, tingling, feeling of heavy legs… Almost one in two women is prone to fluid retention. “It is an accumulation of water, especially in the lower part of the body, due to gravity. The veins fight to bring blood to the heart,” explains Marie-Laure André, a dietician.

The reasons are multiple and mainly genetic. (with fragility in the veins) and hormonal (the arrival of menstruation and pregnancy aggravate the problem). But there are also causes on which we can act. The heat that dilates the veins promotes fluid retention: be careful with the sauna, the hammam, underfloor heating, waxing… The static position, standing or sitting, is also harmful. In fact, walking is essential for good venous return: by compressing the veins in the foot, it helps the blood to rise. Sport is also great as well-muscled calves form a natural restraint.

Finally, what you put on your plate is decisive : Some foods retain water, while others help eliminate it.

Water retention: foods to absolutely avoid

  • The salt. “Sodium holds water out of cells and promotes water retention, care must be taken not to consume too much. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not exceeding 5 g of salt per day, but on average we swallow twice as much”, he observes


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