Incident this afternoon on the set of “Morandini Live” when Garen Shnorhokian states that “there are no native French in the municipal council of Stains” – VIDEO

This morning, Jean-Marc Morandini presented a new live number of “Morandini Live” on CNews. During the program, with his guests, the journalist mentioned the rue de Stains (Seine-Saint-Denis) named after a wife of Muhammad, Khadija Bint Khuwaylid. In full direct, an incident occurred after comments made by Garen Shnorhokian, a political consultant. The latter presented an organization chart that included the members of the City Council.

“There is not a single native Frenchman. The great replacement …”, he launched, provoking the anger of Rozia Meziane present on the set: “Do you realize? It’s a scandal.” “That’s super violent! It’s very violent what you say,” Jean-Marc Morandini told Garen Shnorhokian.

“We are insulting the elected representatives of the Republic, we are insulting the French. They themselves are French, otherwise they could not stand for any electoral vote. We are in the process of ‘explaining that they are not native French,'” said Rozia Meziane annoyed.

“Comment vous savez que ce ne sont pas des Français de souche ? Vous les avez appelés ? Vous leur avez me demandé s’ils étaient des Français de souche ?’, questioned Jean-Marc Morandini. “Un Français de souche, c’est quelqu’un qui a plus de nom de sa famille sur les monuments aux morts que dans les registres de la Caf”, to answer the political consultant. Des propos que ont fait réagir les invités présents en plateau. “Vous ne pouvez pas savoir qui They are ! You don’t know them!” said the journalist.

After the 11am breaking news, Jean-Marc Morandini wanted to go back to the incident that happened a few minutes earlier. “Honestly, I am responsible for this show, I am responsible for what is said on the air. Again, I can’t let it be said. Don’t you want to apologize and take back what you said?” he said. journalist. “No, no, I’m not apologizing. I’m not taking my comments back,” he replied. invites you to (re)discover this sequence (see video above).

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