Inflation bonus 2022: here is the complete schedule of payment dates!

From the start of, Many things have changed. In fact, in late January, tempers flared. And because of this, the daily life of the French clearly seemed to be altered. Thus, the products goods or services, they are runing out. Therefore, this causes exorbitant price inflation. But for nonmaterial goods like energy, the same is true. to fight thisso the government has enacted a law with the name of Purchasing Power. And in the latter, we can find the inflation premium. We will explain everything here.

The inflation premium

The inflation premium has It seems created within the framework of the Purchasing Power Law. The goal remains to come to the aid of the French who need it most. But this bonus also seems to be known as the exceptional bonus. Thus, there are still close to 11 million households that will benefit from this boost.

The amount of the premium remains at one hundred euros. But to this add fifty euros for each dependent child. Thus, this allows the amount of the premium to be adjusted according to the needs of households. You have probably already been able to certificate that this reward has reached your account from mid september. But if this does not continue to be the case, it is normal that some still have nothing. The next payment date seems to be at the end of the month, on the 27th.

This second transfer of the premium seems more dedicated to people who benefit from the ASS or even flat-rate monthly premium. Thus, the amount remains the same, it is transmitted by transfer, and this, without the slightest step.


So it’s not just bonuses that come to help French people in need. In the middle of next month, it will be the elderly who will be entitled to exceptional aid a hundred euros. During the middle of the following month, it will be the last ones who have had the activity bonus who, therefore, will be able to have their quota. For them, the quantity changes. It is then 28 euros per household and 14 euros for each dependent child.

The conditions

On the other hand, this bonus has some conditions. As his goal is still to help those in need, he is based on his rights. Therefore, they are mainly people with social minima Where scholarship students who may be eligible. If it doesn’t match any, then there will be no transfer. However, if you think there is a problem, you can check in your cafe.

by whom

To find out which organization pays the premium, you need to know the status of the beneficiary. In fact, every organization seems to deal with a charter. Thus, for the inflation premium that seemed to give 38 million French people exchange payment organizations. For the recipients of social minimums, it is still the CAF. And for those looking for work, Pôle Emploi. For scholarship holders, it is the Crous, for civil servants, the State. Lastly, the CNAV deals with retirees, employers of employees and lastly Urssaf independent.

But the entire organization could change soon. In fact, the National Assembly runs the risk of being completely changed during its recomposition. Thus, for the moment, there is no information disclosed. But this change could have an impact on transfers. In fact, premium transfers might arrive later than expected.

For whom

Thus, if the inflation bond is part of the Purchasing Power law, it is precisely to help the purchasing power of the French. But more precisely, most modest. It was Prime Minister Elisabeth Born who wanted to help.”the most modest”. Thus, it is understood that the beneficiaries of social minimums such as the PLAthe RSA, the aah or the Aspa. we also count people playing the ALF. Therefore, it is the French with the lowest incomes who are entitled to this bonus. The goal is that they can continue to live, find accommodation and eat decently.

Altogether, this represents nearly 14 million French. But the bonus can also help students who benefit from scholarships and even those from the ASS. Thus, each household can receive the amount of one hundred euros. Added to this is fifty euros for each dependent child in the household. Thus, a family with two children can receive the sum of two hundred euros. On the other hand, if you benefit from the activity bonus, then the amount changes. “Specifically, the help will amount to 200 euros for a household with two children.

Thus, from one hundred euros, the premium increases to 28 euros, and only 14 euros for each dependent child.

RSA and bond inflation?

The question seemed to arise regarding this inflation premium. In fact, the RSA beneficiaries thought that they would not be able to benefit from the inflation bond. But the verdict is still different, they are wrong. Indeed, the RSA is one of the social minimums that allows you to obtain this inflation bonus. The amount of the bonus in this case should already be received from the 15th of this month.
In addition to the inflation premium, the RSA was able to see a revaluation of 4% Apply. Although this does not necessarily represent a big difference, this can only be favorable. Thus, many aids and measures have been granted the right to re-evaluation.

However, inflation does not seem to be calming down yet. Therefore, we must count on civilian assistance for this winter. Especially with the electricity that could run out. Thus, it will be necessary to show energy sobriety in order not to lose all the inflation premium in heating. The restthe government has implemented a tariff shield for gas and electricity with the purpose of to relieve houses again.

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