“It’s part of life”: Patrick Sébastien reveals having undergone surgery for kidney cancer

The TV presenter confided at length to the Figaro, and reveals having suffered from kidney cancer earlier this year. After the operation, Patrick Sébastien was able to quickly resume the stage.

“What happened to me is what I call ‘luck.'” In an interview in Figaro, Patrick Sébastien reveals that he was affected by kidney cancer. One more test in what he calls “a real tsunami” of two years.

“It happened last January”

“It happened last January,” recalls the artist. While doing a routine checkup, his doctor discovered “a little white spot.” After a biopsy and an MRI, the diagnosis is made: it is cancer. “Although it was 3 centimeters, it was not invasive and did not require chemotherapy. So they operated on me with eight hours of anesthesia ”, details the former host of France Television.

After this rather heavy operation, Patrick Sébastien had to go through the rehabilitation stage, a complicated period. However, two months later, the star of the small screen returned to the stage. For him, not disclosing his health status was a choice. And to ensure: “The word cancer does not scare me.”

“Fate is Drawn”

This most difficult last period allowed him to relativize existential questions and in particular his relationship with death: “I believe that everything is written, that destiny is traced. If I have to die when I leave here, I don’t get angry.” in the inevitable. It helps to live better”, says the artist.

Patrick Sébastien reviews his life and the latest complications before cancer. “I’m 68 years old and I’ve just been through a real tsunami. I’ve had a really bad time for two years: the disgusting eviction of France Télévisions, important family-related duels, my separation from Nana,” he explains. to our colleagues.

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