Kevin Guedj separated from Carla Moreau: the couple faces a turnaround, he explains

Kevin Guedj spoke again on Snapchat on Wednesday, September 22, 2022. A few days after announcing his separation from Carla Moreau, the former candidate for Marseilles (W9) provided an update on his situation.

Since revealing that he and his wife were taking a break, Kevin Guedj has received many messages on social media. Some in particular have understood that he was back home, with Carla Moreau and her daughter Ruby (2 and a half years old). Therefore, the charming 32-year-old brunette spoke again to announce good news. “We were in a phase where we both needed to reflect on the two of us., in many things. (…) I think we needed to find ourselves a bit, to know what our priorities in life were. (…) My priority has always been the happiness of my family and it will continue to be so.. I think we needed to ask ourselves on our side, to see where we were. What we wanted to do, what we didn’t want to do, what we didn’t want anymore. We decided to take a chance“, he said first.

Kevin Guedj then confided that they had made this decision because they had recently married and that, in addition, there was Ruby. “In life there are ups and downs, I think you have to know how to face them. I think this little break did us good. Anyway for me. (…) It was something mandatory I think. We’ve been through a lot this year. We decided to recover well. I don’t think running away is in our best interest. We take on the concerns we have and let’s start again on solid foundationscontinued the candidate The Battle of the Clans (TFX). He also did not stop thanking the people who supported him during this period.

Now Kevin Guedj is back home and will be staying with his daughter and wife for better and for worse. In any case, that is what he and Carla Moreau expect.

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