Koba LaD now teaches History and Physics-Chemistry while singing

Koba LaD now teaches History and Physics-Chemistry while singing

Koba LaD teaches the students!

The Studytracks app had the brilliant idea of ​​collaborating with rappers to enroll them as teachers. Students can now find Koba LaD, Sofiane, and JoeyStarr teaching lessons while singing to help them review and learn more easily.

at the beginning of the year Koba LaD had revealed that he had not obtained his BAC while a few months ago had made everyone believe otherwise finally admitting it was a joke. “People thought he was crazy… I was staying with someone, and that person had the Bac. So I put an old photo on Insta. You can only see the top of the sheet. I see that people are crazy… It was so well done that you don’t know all the doors it opened for me” He had explained in the Difool morning about the fact of having posted a photo on the networks of the famous national diploma of the end of secondary studies that does not belong to him. The French rapper had designed everything and it was successful in its launch. This does not prevent Marcel Junior Loutarila, his real name, from worrying about his studies and has decided to help young students.

Rappers become teachers!

Indeed Studytracks has just presented its collaboration with Koba LaD, “Children, here is your new director, happy new year to you” announced on his Twitter account the interpreter of Daddy Chocolat when publishing the article link of this approach while streaming a video presentation. The purpose of the educational songs application is to reveal music lessons following the official national educational program to help students learn lessons better and fight against school dropouts.

After the United States and England, Studytracks finally arrives in France to tackle the French school program from CM1 to Terminale with lessons performed by singers who can speak to students to encourage them to use the free app to support them in their studies. With 1,800 songs, Koba La D, Fianso and JoeyStarr participated in this project to become teachers 2.0.

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