Mathias publishes new accusations against Paul, including that of having marabished Mbappé

Currently in detention, Mathias Pogba posted new scheduled messages and videos on his Twitter account very early this Friday morning. He attacks his brother Paul again.

Mathias Pogba’s Twitter account was reactivated early Friday morning. Several messages and videos were broadcast while the eldest of the brothers was in preventive detention five days ago. This new salvo was programmed by a “bot”, says Mathias. “It also means that I am no longer on the run, either by my brother’s henchmen or by the police. So the slanderous denunciations to silence me will have worked,” he explained. He justifies these videos as security guarantees.

“They will drop their masks like R-Kelly, Weinstein and Mendy and they will see that it is not pretty to see,” he launches, promising, finally, to reveal the “big revelations” promised several weeks ago. He describes the midfielder as “a great hypocrite, manipulator, devious, criminal”, in the context of a conflict with his family, to which he has turned his back, according to Mathias.

Followed by a magician presented by Serge Aurier

Therefore, he gives himself to the marabout. “This individual, my brother, has become in recent years a devotee of witchcraft, becoming a follower of a magician, known as Marabout Ibrahim, called Grande, a relative of former player Alou Diarra, who would have met him thanks to player Serge . Aurier. He is this magician I was talking about as a person who worked to isolate my brother. (…) As for what my brother did, what is certain is that the criminals who act in his name have drawn blood”.

He “cast spells on various teammates” including Mbappé

“My brother, on several occasions, has put a spell on his football teammates, including the prodigy Kylian Mbappé, either out of jealousy or to win a match.”

Mathias Pogba has brought other charges against his brother for his “collusion with organized crime”. “Many are going to be scandalized and find it hard to believe it, but it is the truth. It is the reason why our family and loved ones are in danger today. My brother (…) always had criminals and criminals in his entourage and he still has that today. If it was just friendship, it could be fine. The problem is that he used these relatives and their names to protect himself on the street and do business with them to do things for him and shed blood for him. he betrays his henchmen and runs away without telling anyone, leaving our mother and me to our fate, leaving his family and loved ones to become the target of these bandits and shoot because of him . only for fear of reprisals, not having the means of all to protect ourselves. (…) I had to reproach Paul for her behavior so that he deigned to keep our mother away from danger, taking care of her alone and abandoning the others. Of course, he makes her live alone without any protection, while he is quiet in her fortress behind her bodyguard. Also, it wasn’t free. My mother had to side with him and advocate for him. Which she sadly accepted. “

He also attacks his agent Rafaela Pimenta. This has taken hold both professionally and in terms of handling. If my brother has become what he is, it is largely because these three, plus one other person, have worked particularly hard to isolate and better influence and manipulate him. (…) Rafaela was able to stuff herself on her back like no other player (…) When I called her asking for help because my life and that of my family were in danger, she simply ignored me. she was an accomplice of my brother, or at least showing no assistance to anyone in danger. So I will tell you how she infiltrated our family until I managed almost everything and became my brother’s second mother.”

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