Meta would lay off its employees to cut costs

Faced with slow growth and competition from tik tokMeta, the parent company of Facebook and D’instagramwould have initiated a plan to reduce its costs, reports the Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, September 21. This would imply reducing its operating expenses by 10%, mainly by reducing its staff. But to avoid massive layoffs, the group founded by mark zuckerberg I would kick out some executives by reorganizing departments and asking everyone who is no longer part of the new organization to take on other positions within the company, within a limited time.

The press had already echoed Meta’s desire to freeze hiring, but until now the word “dismissal” had never been officially or unofficially pronounced. Contacted by our colleagues at The Wall Street Journal, Meta repeated a statement by Mark Zuckerberg from last July that the company should reallocate resources to business priorities. The company spokesman did not want to specify the number of employees affected by these “reassignments”.

Until now, employees whose position is abolished and who cannot find another position internally are fired after thirty days. According to executives contacted by our colleagues, the rule so far has only affected people considered undesirable, whose company really wanted (…)

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