Owners, your house is being sold without your knowledge

It is a story to sleep well but one that could well have changed the lives of this Calvados family. as the story goes West of France, learned overnight that his house, purchased almost four years ago, was up for auction… However, this family was on good terms. In February 2019, the couple saw a house in Vire, in Calvados. An offer is made to owner, the sale is concluded and a deed is signed. In the process, the couple began a full renovation job and moved in.

A year later, their son arrives to fill their happiness, and the family lives peacefully in the rehabilitated house, their “little cocoon”, as they like to present it. But the first shadow on the blackboard was last April when the husband found out that he had blood cancer. A shock, but nothing compared to what the family learns five months later: his house is for sale! Incomprehensible when they never started any process.

A bailiff came to see them to give them the news. According to him, the house is for sale “in the name of the former owner.” A heresy for the father of the family: “What is this delirium? We bought it four years ago”, he explains to Ouest France. And the situation is accelerated, because the visits must take place at the end of September before the auctions scheduled for October 6. When going to his notary, the father finds out that this sale is linked to the situation of the former owner indebted before (…)

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