Pogba case: Mathias evokes a Paul Pogba marabout about Mbappé during PSG

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At a time when business around football never stops flourishing, leaving the sporting issue far behind, Mathias Pogba has just given a layer last night. Paul’s brother, with whom the fracture now seems total, after the case of attempted extortion of funds that led to the custody of Mathias and his imprisonment, unpacked everything by automatically posting messages and videos to your Twitter account. The opportunity to return to many issues, especially the mentality of his brother or his relationship with Rafaela Pimenta, the player’s adviser whom he evidently does not hold in high regard…

Mbappé “neutralized” by PSG – Manchester?

But Mathias Pogba also returns to another sensitive topic: the attempted maraboutage in Kylian Mbappe already discussed for a few weeks. The brother of Paul Pogba, who assures in several videos that there have already been acts of witchcraft on the Manchester side or at Euro 2016, explains that Paul Pogba would also have resorted to a marabout requested over the years to act against Kylian Mbappe. on the occasion of the terrible PSG – Manchester (1-3) in March 2019. The objective would have been to neutralize Bondy’s crack before the magician was forced to put an end, according to him, to these acts against the star of the PSG. And Mathias Pogba at the same time accuses his brother Paul of great hypocrisy, saying that during this period, Paul Pogba had become considerably closer to Kylian Mbappé. A friendship that would have even pushed the latter to claim Pogba’s arrival at PSG this summer during the discussions about extending his contract…

To sum up

Mathias Pogba, in the last few hours, has automatically published his revelations about the case between him and his brother Paul. And he reveals in particular the alleged maraboutage on Kylian Mbappé! At a time when business around football does not stop flourishing, leaving the sporting issue far behind, Mathias Pogba has just given a layer.

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