Renault offers bonuses of more than 1,000 euros to its employees

the automotive group Renault offered its French employees bonuses totaling more than 1,000 euros for most of them, in order to cope with theincreased cost of living, we learned on Thursday, September 22 from concordant sources. At the end of several weeks of negotiations between the unions and management, the latter offered 500 euros as a “purchasing power support” bonus to all employees, including temporary workers.

Added to this is the possibility of monetizing up to three days of RTT with a 25% increase, a transport bonus of 100 euros and free medical insurance for three months. Depending on the categories and family situations of the employees, this will mean bonuses of at least 600 euros, and a total amount of potential additional purchasing power of more than 1,000 euros for most employees, according to management elements.

The calculation of the aid allows favoring the lowest wages, as a percentage of wages. These offers, which have not yet been ratified by the representative organizations, are independent of the mandatory annual negotiations for 2023 that will take into account the inflation rate during the year 2022, the same source specifies. FO shop steward Mariette Rih welcomed a management approach that “for us ticked all the boxes”. After negotiations that “began timidly”, the result “responds to a need and a problem for all (…)

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