Ridy, the great idea that makes life easier for cyclists

It was while participating in a bicycle repair workshop with homeless people in Bristol, in the United Kingdom, that the idea germinated in Philippe Leclerc’s mind that this “magic tool” to move independently is not so difficult to fix. . So he imagined Ridy, a mobile workshop to repair bicycles at home or in the office. We are in 2016 and the young man still does not know that the triple crisis that will fall on the world (climate, health and energy) will prove him right a thousand times.

Tired of the rush, noise and strikes in public transport, eager to experience smooth and ecological mobility and soon frightened by the rise in fuel prices, the inhabitants of the cities of Paris and Nantes adhere to her project. Six years later, does Philippe Leclerc consider his personal experience as the basis for his business adventure? Undoubtedly, “because when you can’t find a solution to a problem, that’s when ideas come up!” believes the young man, who also highlights the importance of intuition. Even if he hadn’t anticipated the crises, he had felt that the “ecosystem” around cycling was going to grow.

Are style and inventiveness enough to be a good entrepreneur? Not only. Philippe Leclerc believes that two other qualities are fundamental: “Audacity, which we all have for the topics that interest us or make us vibrate”. And lucidity, common sense. In the Essentials of Management podcast, (…)

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