She enjoys a wrap, 15 minutes later she’s dying on the sidewalk.

A vegan wrap cost him his life. On December 27, 2017, Celia Marsh visited a Pret A Manger restaurant in Bath, south-west England. suffer from a deadly allergy cow’s milk protein, the 42-year-old bought a vegan wrap that was supposed to be dairy-free. But after a few bites, the mother of five didn’t have time to get home and collapsed on the sidewalk leaving the restaurantinforms the daily mirror.

anaphylactic shock victim

Medical examiners have concluded that Celia Marsh died ofAnaphylactic shock, caused by a milk protein in the wrapper that he had consumed a few minutes before. The investigation revealed that the coconut yoghurt in the sauce of the Australian brand CoYo sandwich, manufactured in the UK by UK company Planet Coconut, contained traces of milk protein. But this was not specified on the yogurt packaging, which was labeled dairy-free. “The dairy-free yogurt manufacturer had in its possession documentation indicating this risk that was not transferred to its customers”said investigating judge Maria Voisin during the trial.

The victim’s mother explained that her daughter suffered fromallergies since childhood but that she was always very attentive to her diet. Celia Marsh’s death follows Natasha’s (…)

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