soon it will be possible to rent a vehicle for 100 euros per month

After the ecological bond and the conversion bonushere it is soon lease. This system allows long-term rental of a electric vehicle, possibly with option to buy. According to information from RTLFriday, September 23, this measure aimed at encouraging the use of less polluting vehicles must be in the budget program that will be presented to the National Assembly on Monday, September 26.

“We are working on a leasing system so that the cost of purchase is much lower and accessible for the middle classes, even for an electric vehicle”, declared Emmanuel Macron in March 2022. Therefore, the State should take charge of part of this monthly rent for this long-term rental that commits the contracting party for several years.

Result: the motorist would only have to pay 100 euros per month. Young people will be able to benefit in particular, as well as socio-medical professions and people with low incomes, our colleagues specify. The cars that will be offered for rent will be urban cars, such as the Renault Twingo, the Peugeot e-208 or the Dacia Spring. It will be possible to place the order directly with a distributor or with your bank. Vehicle maintenance will also be included in the rental contract.

To finance this device, the State could pay 50 million euros per year for 100,000 vehicles, initially. The only drawback, pointed out by the (…)

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