the French team breaks tons of records

What’s next after this announcement?

Champions who make history

The Blues won a crucial match against Austria in the Nations League last night (2-0). Despite many injuries, the French broke great records yesterday, and more will be broken. Olivier Giroud He took advantage of his return to mark a little more the history of the selection. The striker has become, at 35 years and 357 days, the oldest goalscorer in the history of the France team. And that’s not all, there are only 2 goals left for Giroud to draw Thierry Henry as the national top scorer. As a reminder, the 1998 world champion found the net 51 times with France, in 123 selections. Hugo Lloris, will surely participate in his last World Cup. Fourth. Therefore, he will join Thierry Henry, the only Frenchman at the moment who has stepped on the grounds of 4 World Cups. Then the years go by, the number of selections increases, currently they have 139. They only have 3 games left to equalize lilian thuram, who remains the most selected Frenchman in history. Furthermore, this hierarchy has evolved quite a bit. Starting the game this Thursday night, Antoine Griezmann especially honored his selection number 109. He surpassed a Blues legend: Zinedine Zidane. Above all, the Atlético striker played his 66th consecutive game. He thus continues the record of him started on August 31, 2017.

Pogba investigation news

The media RTL was able to access the investigation report of the group of alleged rescuers of Paul Pogba. In fact, several childhood friends from the juventus community had enjoyed the wealth of French for several years. And this was reflected in different ways: through loans at Adidas, through investments in a hamburger restaurant in Seine-et-Marne, but also through a widely used credit card. We are talking about several hundred thousand euros. Suddenly, the 2018 world champion got tired of granting privileges and decided to end everything at the end of January 2022. And it was this group of friends who threatened him before asking him for the famous 13 million euros. In addition, one of the relatives of the Pogba brothers would have been injured in the hand, on August 10, due to the refusal to pay by the international tricolor.

The sabotage of the Barça

After the revelations about the demands of Leo Messi to extend his contract at FC Barcelona, ​​we learn that the Blaugrana have sabotaged each other to convince neymar Do not sign at PSG. The media The world reveals an email sent by Raúl Sanllehí, football director of FC Barcelona that year, to the club’s management. He demonstrates how the Catalans lost the trust of Auriverde. “I have dedicated myself to the father for the last few weeks. I talked for hours and hours. I assure you that he was with us, until the last two or three days when, mistakenly and unfairly, he felt betrayed when the day before the Miami game the transfer bonus figure was released in the press. He interpreted it as a form of pressure from the club that would have kept him awake. That’s when we started to lose him… Obviously, I defended that we in no way divulge it, but he left me.” This was what convinced the Neymar clan to sign for PSG for €222 million.

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