the government promises to limit the increase

For a few days, French drivers have only one fear in mind: no longer an increase in gasoline prices, but that of tolls. While negotiations are due to start in November between highway operators and the government, with an eye to an increase on February 1, according to Le Monde, concessionaires have mentioned an increase of up to 8% during ongoing talks with the Ministry. of Transportation. A proposal denounced by the right, the capo LR of the senators, at the head: “In the midst of a crisis of purchasing power of the French already strangled by the price of gasoline […] this request is scandalous”, judged Bruno Retailleau.

The candidate for the presidency of his party says that he wants to “rebalance” the “scandalously favorable” conditions from which these companies “benefited when the State granted them our public road service.” Given the emerging controversy, the Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune, wanted to reassure. guest of France information, this Friday, September 23, promised that the rise would be limited. “It will certainly increase,” but the increase will be “reasonable,” he said. Without specifying an amount: “I can’t tell you a number today,” he added.

However, discussions are taking place at the moment, and Clément Beaune has promised that “we will not be in orders of magnitude of 7 or 8%”, he says, because “we cannot impose that on motorists’ energy purchases in this moment”. . But the tolls will increase, (…)

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