The new Chromecast with Google TV (HD) is available at €39.99

It was a highly anticipated product. After numerous leaks in recent weeks, Chromecast HD with Google TV is finally official. The rumors were also true. since the Google accessory actually sells for €39.99 and that it adopts is completely identical to cousin 4Kexcept for the resolution displayed on the screen.

Google TV and a remote

Google doesn’t even bother to tell them apart. in his shop. Both devices are listed on the same product page with only the option between 4K and HD before you check out.

So segmentation is out of reach with one Chromecast delivering the Google TV experience and the other being reduced to just being a pure streaming device. Now the Chromecast is necessarily considered with an interface on the TV and a remote control. Of course, it’s always possible to use your phone or tablet to send videos to the little accessory.

A simple and basic Chromecast

Unfortunately, the Chromecast HD is limited to 8 GB of internal memory, which is not enough to install many applications. On the other hand, unlike the 4K model, it comes natively under Android 12 and should not suffer from the update problems that its older brother has – which also only has 8 GB of memory – since it supports streaming updates. Within your blog postGoogle even claims to have operated “behind-the-scenes software optimizations to ensure you have a smooth and fast experience no matter what TV you’re using“.

Otherwise, the Chromecast HD with Google TV is still a Chromecast, that is, an ultra-simple device with just an HDMI socket to connect to your TV and a USB-C socket for power. Even on Twitter, Google France didn’t bother to oversell the devicepresenting his new contraption in two lacunar sentences.

Those in a hurry will find the Chromecast on sale everywhere at the same price (€39.99), in the Google store and at resellers.

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