The price of cigarette packs could go up again

The package price cigarettes will increase next year? According to the law, prices must not move as there is an automatic rule of special taxes based on inflation. But this is done relative to inflation two years ago and capped at 1.8%. But according to the echoes, the Government wants to modify the law before the presentation of the budgetary texts in the Council of Ministers on Monday, September 26. He would like to uncover the tax increase not on N-2, but on N-1, which could lead to an increase of 5 to 7.5% depending on the rate of inflation for this year.

The Department of Health is reportedly pushing to have this change incorporated into Social Security’s 2023 budget, which could increase the price of packages by 70 cents. Today, the basic price is 10.20 euros, even 10.50 euros for certain brands such as Marlboro. With such an increase, prices could exceed 11 euros. A package of rolling tobacco would cost even more than 15 euros. If a deputy interviewed by Les Echos believes that the increase would be “logical” because “there is no reason for prices to rise everywhere except for cigarettes,” the measure divides within the government.

Because with skyrocketing prices everywhere, smokers might experience the rise in cigarettes as an injustice. As a reminder, during the previous five years, Emmanuel Macron had increased the price of the package to more than ten euros, in (…)

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