the resumption of pollution is accelerating

The epidemic had fallen to a particularly low level at the end of August, but infections have rebounded in recent weeks, in a context marked by the start of the school year.

the covid-19 infections They have accelerated in recent days in France after a recovery that began in early September, but with still uncertain consequences in the hospital, health authorities detailed.

The circulation of SARS-CoV-2 has accelerated throughout mainland France with a strong growth in virological indicators“, summarized Public Health France in a point published on Thursday evening for the period from September 12 to 18. However, more up-to-date figures are available: 38,464 cases were reported on Thursday, down from less than 34,000 the previous week.

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back to school

Here we go again (…) for 15 days“, he commented on Friday in RTL the government spokesman, Olivier Véran. “So what is the magnitude? Is it a wave strictly speaking, how big will it be? you have to wait a bit“. After experiencing several waves since the beginning of the year, the Covid-19 epidemic had dropped to a particularly low level at the end of August, but infections have rebounded in recent weeks, in a context notably marked by the start of the school year .

As such, the incidence rate (the number of cases reported to a given population) has increased especially among 10-19 year olds. Within a week, it more than doubled. The consequences in the hospital, relatively limited during the previous surge in early summer, are still difficult to assess: “an increase in new admissions was observed (…) in certain regions while at the national level a stabilization was observed“, summarizes Public Health France.

The agency emphasizes the need to expedite vaccination, especially the second booster dose, sometimes called “fourth dose– among the most fragile, such as the elderly. The Haute Autorité de Santé has just approved several vaccines adapted to the Omicron variant. However, he warns that it is better not to wait for them and get vaccinated with the available vaccines if you are at risk and not up to date with the recommended booster dose.

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