this is exactly what the princess of wales eats every day

From the death of Elizabeth II On September 8, all eyes turned to the rest of the royal family. Kate Middleton, now Princess of Wales, continues to fascinate. Strong woman and caring mother, with her dreamy hair and her perfect shapethe whole world is breaking their beauty and fitness secrets.

The good news is that the diet of the former Duchess of Cambridge has nothing more to hide. In fact, the fundamental principles of the latter have been revealed in detail by Kate Middleton herself in the columns of the daily express.

Kate Middleton’s diet in detail

It’s no secret that the Princess of Wales leads a healthy lifestyle and follows a balanced diet. But what exactly make up her plate on her daily basis? We take stock without further delay of their menus to inspire us.


At breakfast, Kate Middleton explains betting on foods that are especially rich in nutrients to start the day off right. Protein oatmeal and vitamin shakes have therefore become her best allies.

To make her healthy drinks, Kate Middleton doesn’t hesitate to mix kale, spirulina, matcha, spinach, romaine lettuce and blueberries. This is her favorite smoothie recipe!


At lunchtime, George, Charlotte and Louis’ mother is a fan of raw food. That is, it favors organically grown, unrefined, unprocessed and very little cooked foods. Avocado, watermelon, cucumber, lentils… Kate Middleton does not skimp on fresh fruits and vegetables.

The former Duchess of Cambridge has made watermelon salad her specialty! She likes to add avocado, onion, cucumber and feta cheese. That is all !

the snack

For afternoon tea, the wife of the Prince of Wales usually opts for raw fruit and vegetables to wait until the closing meal of the day. She can’t resist a handful of goji berries or popcorn!

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Dinner is Kate Middleton’s richest meal. To end on a high note, she likes to please her children and her husband (whose favorite dish is roast chicken). For dessert, she can let herself be tempted by a sticky toffee puddinga delicacy recently arrived from across the Channel!

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