UX Best Practices and Tips for Magento eCommerce Store

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The information in this article is not only basic, but essential to ensure you have a user-friendly eCommerce website.

With the ever-increasing demand for online shopping, it is becoming more and more difficult for e-commerce stores to attract more customers. In addition to optimizing product variety and improving customer service, you need to ensure the best user experience if you want your customers to complete the purchase. User experience has an immediate influence on website conversion. According to research, a perfect user experience can increase conversions by up to 70%. Therefore, the importance of a UX for eCommerce websites cannot be underestimated. With years of Magento development experience, Ezmartech has gained a deep understanding of how to create a fantastic user experience for Magento eCommerce stores.

Magento 2 has already been introduced in the market and has introduced several new and improved features and functionalities for eCommerce stores. With more additional unique built-in extensions and responsive themes, the platform has also been upgraded as the most suitable platform for eCommerce development. Some of the most common Magento 2 features are JS and CSS minification, CSS pre-caching, varnish support, faster and more optimized checkout, built-in full page caching, and more. These important features and advancements have inevitably placed Magento 2 at the top of the list of eCommerce development platforms. However, it is important to know some vital tips and practices to take full advantage of these Magento 2 features and enable your eCommerce store to perform better and your online store to be easily discovered on the web.

Here, we share some of the best UX practices for eCommerce stores, with priority given to those using Magento 2.

Reuse of codes

Reducing code redundancy is one of the best ways to improve the performance of an eCommerce store. Reusing codes or the practice of code reuse is the best way to improve the performance of your online store when operating Magento 2 platform.

Avoid doing a helper class

Helper classes include static classes, which are described as the classes themselves. This implies that you cannot use these helper classes in the other classes. Furthermore, these classes go against the idea and codes of object-oriented programming. Instead, you can refactor the classes into functions that can be used in the other classes.

Use short and simple category tags

This will allow your customers to immediately recognize the category they are interested in and also keeps the navigation menu neat and clean.

Allow easy search

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Optimized site search has a favorable impact on overall site usage and improves conversion rates, as well as contributing to customer satisfaction. So you need to make it convenient for customers to discover what they’re looking for by allowing a search bar on every page of your website and running search autocomplete to display possible product options.

Images and content

It is recommended not to use stock images and individuals to sell your products and services. The user has the potential to interact more with your service if they can connect to an image where your product is actually being used. You need to make sure that all of your images are of optimal quality and are not warped or poorly cropped.

override layout

In Magento 2, instead of copying a complete page layout and layout code and then changing the required changes in the codes, you can just create the extended layout file which includes all the modifications you need.

Site architecture and navigation.

Care must be taken to structure the navigation in the correct order and also in nomenclature that is identifiable. The name you give your categories and subcategories should be recognized terms that are known to users within your domain.

clear the cache

It is always recommended to clear the cache every time you make some changes and want to reflect the same sooner.


It is essential to keep these tips and practices in mind. The information in this article is not only basic, but essential to ensure you have a user-friendly eCommerce website. The best Magento development companies in the UAE like Ezmartech always follow the correct UX practices for Magento eCommerce stores.

This article is accurate and true to the best knowledge of the author. The content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for personal advice or professional advice on business, financial, legal or technical matters.

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