why it is useless to telecommute to save money

Does working at home instead of the office really save money for the country? Although the executive encourages the telecommuting in companies, in particular to get through the winter without difficulty, no recent study has yet established a direct relationship between this and the energetic sobriety.

“Certainly, the decrease in global consumption was evident in full confinement,” indicates RTE, the manager of the electricity network, in the columns of the Parisian, Thursday, September 22. “However, we currently do not have precise data on the impact of telecommuting.” According to a partial study by the Ecological Transition Agency (Ademe), dating from September 2020, teleworking would save fuel (with a reduction of 271 kg of CO2 per year and per day of teleworking), on the other hand in what Regarding gas and electricity, nothing is proven…

“You have to take into account the so-called rebound effects, warns Stéphane Chatelin, director of the négaWatt association, that is, the unintended consequences of a measure. In the long term, for example, teleworking pushes some households to move further away from their offices. , which increases travel times”.

“As far as teleworking is concerned, this will be done company by company, sector by sector, there is no single truth”, explained Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister for the Energy Transition, on September 14 on the occasion of the conference (. ..)

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