Will doctors soon bill for canceled patient visits?

Two missed appointments per day and per doctor, that is, more than 28 million wasted appointments per year in France. Here is the message that the union of the French Union for free medicine wants to put in all the doctors’ offices in the country. Every day the doctors are waiting patients who have made an appointment, and who will never come, preventing other really needy patients from getting a consultation in a sometimes overloaded schedule. “It is pure selfishness. It’s even robbing him of the opportunity to heal.“, protests its president, Dr. Jérôme Marty in the columns of the Parisian.

A (too) common phenomenon, accentuated by online appointment booking through platforms such as Doctolib or Keldoc, and which irritates health professionals to the maximum. “We make an online date like ordering a pizza”irritates Dr. Stéphane Pertuet. “This is the harmful side of online sitesadds cardiologist Laurent Izan. Patients take the first available appointment without knowing the doctor and, when they no longer need it or have found another, they do not have the correction to cancel it.”

Who are the patients who cancel their appointment?

This phenomenon would be mainly urban and by “dynamic young executives“The elderly are the ones who cancel their appointments the least.”She obediently notices (…)

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